Re-emerging | An Accident, Divine Encounter, and Fresh Perspective


It’s been a wild and crazy couple of months! There were some twists and turns, but we’ve come out stronger than before.  There have also been some miraculous moments during this whole process that I’d like to share with you in today’s post.

The Accident
If we’re friends on Facebook, you may recall me sharing I was involved in a pretty scary car accident.  Immediately I felt a ball of fire travel down my back and later settle into my neck and shoulders.  Hopefully this explains my absence in this space. It feels so good to be able to sit down and write here again.  Thank you to those who sent cards and flowers, those who prayed for me, to my sweet brother and sister-in-law for the meals, to my amazing hubby for the love and support, and to my incredible chiropractor.  The day I walked into his office was truly a blessing that has been crucial in the journey towards healing. Charleston friends, I can’t sing the praises of Dr. Marcus Hostetler at Seacoast Chiropractic enough! I am grateful to my lovely sister for recommending I seek out a chiropractor who did more than adjustments…one that did stretching and sports therapy massage.  I definitely want to keep the bigger picture/bigger plan in focus. My life was spared, and I’m so very fortunate in so many ways.

A Kairos Moment
A beautiful, divine moment in the midst of the accident also reminded me of how very loved I am.  Minutes after the accident, a woman pulled over to help.  She said I wouldn’t believe her, but that she’d just come from her church around the corner, where they were each given a set of challenges for the morning.  The very first item on her list was to “find a woman in a silver car who needed help”.  She told me she felt that I was her divine appointment…that she was sent to pray with me.  She then showed me the typed piece of paper with the instructions.  I was in shock from the accident, but she prayed for me and it wasn’t until later that I realized how much of a kairos moment this was for me.

I’m also thankful for being prepared in many ways for the accident.  The yoga classes I’d been attending since the beginning of the year helped with my range of motion and upper body strength.  I’d also been given a very strong sense for 8 months that an accident was coming.  My husband knows about this, because the awareness at times leading up the accident was enough to keep me awake.  Often when I’d close my eyes, I’d see flashes of the accident months before it happened.  Because of this, I’d been praying against the accident for some time.  I prayed that I would be the only one in the car, and that I’d be able to regain my health if I was injured.  I’d been praying for the other driver and that no one would be seriously harmed.

Stretching and Growing
The accident has also stretched my sensitivity towards others who are going through challenging times.  I’m more aware of how much a card, phone call or meal can mean to someone after a tough day.  I’m now able to pass the love along to those around me, and hope that I can continue to do so, always aware of what an impact it can make.

There have been so many wonderful moments in the past few months to share as well.  I can hardly wait to resume a writing routine on the blog.  Until my next post, I’m sending you my very best.


Homemade Plum Sorbet {Recipe to Share}

Plum Sorbet Recipe
Summer is coming to a close, but with temps in the 90s here in the Lowcountry, this delightful sorbet remains a welcome treat! Did I mention it’s just ONE ingredient? You won’t believe me until you try it for yourself.  This sorbet came about when I wanted to make good use of our abundance of plums.  At first, I wondered if I should run them through our high-speed juicer and use the juice in smoothies, since it didn’t seem we’d eat them in time.  But then, something else came to mind.

Plum Sorbet Recipe & Directions
Gather the following:

  • Extra ripe plums (I used 7-10 but use what you have)
  • Mini-muffin tins or popsicle molds
  • A strainer
  • A blender – That’s it!

1. Remove the skin and pits from your plums.  Do this over a bowl so you can save any juice that may result during this process.

2. Place the flesh of your plums (and any juice you collected as you removed the pits) in your blender and pulse, then blend well.

3. Pour your mixture through your strainer (with a mixing bowl below), using a spatula to stir and press it gently to get the juices out.

4. In your mini-muffin tins, divide the plum mixture evenly. Then place into your freezer and allow to firm completely (2-3 hours).

5. Flip your muffin tin over to run warm water for under a minute, just enough to allow the plum treats to loosen from the mold.  Remove your plum sorbet tarts and store in freezer-safe container. Zip loc bags also work well if needed.

Plum Sorbet Recipe

When ready to enjoy, remove a tart (or two!) from the freezer and allow to soften for just a minute or two.  You’ll have something that looks and tastes like Plum Italian Ice if you enjoy right away, or a texture closer to sorbet as you allow it to soften.

Note: To achieve the pinkish hue, leave the skin on 2-3 plums as you blend (you’ll strain it out later).  It makes the end result more appealing in color. 

This sorbet is free of processed sugar and is the perfect blend of sweet and tangy! In the mood for something else? I have a variety of smoothie recipes on my YouTube channel.  The watermelon-strawberry smoothie remains a favorite.

Creative Inspiration: Completed Projects and Wish List!

Sweet friends,

I hope your week is off to a great start! It’s back-to-school time, and that brings much excitement.   I wanted to share a few projects I’ve wrapped up recently, along with projects on my wish list for Fall.

{A Soft Blanket To Share}

It was Christmas in July, as I finished a flannel blanket for my sweet niece recently.  They live in Colorado and keep their home nice and cool, so thankfully it will be put to good use right away.  I am so thankful that I learned how to sew a simple ruffle; it makes ordinary projects look so much more playful and feminine.

{DIY School Supplies}

We’re approaching school supplies differently this year, taking a close inventory of things we already have, and reusing/upcycling where we can.  Instead of buying bland dividers, we decided to tackle the project ourselves! The result was 4 sets of 8 dividers with watercolor touches!

We’re also refinishing the covers of composition notebooks and redecorating binders with supplies we have on hand.  Here is one of the covers we put together last year using scrapbook paper and cut outs from magazines. All that’s needed is paper, a glue stick, scissors and mod podge! This is after a year of wear, so you can see the mod podge did its job well (we covered the entire front surface in light coat of mod podge to seal).  You can also use colorful duct tape or washi tape.


On our back to school wishlist is sewing this pencil case.  I have everything needed, and can see many uses for these, including tucking one of these away in my purse!


Another gorgeous pencil case is here via See Kate Sew.

{Fall Kitchen DIYs}
Not related to back-to-school, but certainly a one-of-a-kind project that isn’t permanent…this creative kitchen makeover using contact paper and sharpies.  Alisa Burke has the best ideas, I tell ya!  The instructions are on her blog.


Last on my sewing list is learning to sew a bow tie.  I had success with sewing a “little man tie” for my nephew (using this tutorial, result is below), and know with the right pattern (and a bit of patience), I can master the bow tie as well! This would make gifts for the Southern men in my family so much easier.


Here’s the bow tie tutorial and pattern I’m going to try:

What’s on your to-do list for Fall? Any simple and fresh do-it-yourself projects? I’d love to hear about what’s inspiring you.


A Better Batch {Vegan Ready-To-Bake Goodies} Launches in Charleston, SC!

Two of my family’s courageous + compassionate friends, Sarah and Hanes Swingle, launched their ready-to-bake vegan goodies company this week, A Better Batch! I think you’ll agree their love story, and launch story, is inspiring.


Hanes has long-dreamed of owning his own business, and bringing A Better Batch to life has been an incredible accomplishment! I can’t think of a more kind, supportive, and enthusiastic co-captain than Sarah.  It’s no surprise that they are both active in not only the Charleston community, but far beyond as they advocate for animals and demonstrate for us how delicious and fulfilling a compassionate lifestyle can be.


My family (veg and otherwise) adores ABB cookies!  My favorite is their Lemon Poppyseed Cookie Dough. It’s so zesty and so much fun with little bursts of flavor.  Organic, fair trade chocolate chips are used in their signature Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough (Brianna’s favorite).  Their third variety, Mocha Oatmeal Cookie Dough, includes “double doses of chocolate” and “hints of espresso” – Brian has been known to eat more than one with coffee.

Charleston friends, local pick-up is available on your order, allowing you to avoid shipping costs! For my out-of-town friends, I am happy to pick your order up for you (the dough keeps for months in the freezer, and it gives you another reason to come visit).

Let’s send our love and support over to Sarah and Hanes! Shop online, say “hello” with a note of encouragement over on Twitter (@abetterbatch), Instagram (@abetterbatch) and Facebook.

All images courtesy Rebekah Collinsworth Photography